Writing this blog has been enjoyable and interesting. I have also found it extremely challenging due to our pandemic situation. I had previously never wrote a blog in my life. I have had to tackle new ways to write and layout my work.  Before I started this blog I had never focused into crime in the 19th century. I found this part of the experience the best. Unfortunately I learnt how terrible life was before me. I never knew that minor crimes were dealt with as harshly and brutally as they were. I found it deeply saddening the acts that people would commit in poverty and stress to feed their families, I also found it disheartening to learn more about homosexuals back in the 19th century.

I found blog writing extremely difficult, in my first assignment post I struggled to write in a new style. However in my second post I found it slightly easier to layout my blog as I had already created six posts.  I believe now it will be easier in the future if asked to create another blog, I won’t go into as much stress and anxiety. As this was my first time I panicked using the new website to create my blog but I am glad I have now for the experience.

 I enjoyed the different range of books and posts which we had to read to create our blogs. Never in a module have I had so much variety and different stories to follow up on. I have learnt a lot about England In the 19th Century that I never thought I would have been interested in. I believe it has widened my vocabulary too.  There is still a lot of stories yet to be discovered, due to focusing in on certain books and posts for my blog it now gives me the time now to go and read more about other prison voices which I haven’t looked upon.  It has been striking how many point of views there is to each story from the inmates themselves to the governors. It has made the blogging experience harder but more interesting as by having to follow a limited word count, by doing this I have had to pick out whose story I want to write about or leave them in my knowledge. My knowledge of prison life now is more defined about the past. I have a stronger and more accurate conception of life before.

 Overall I have found the experience completely different but helpful. I have now developed skills in blogging which I may need for the future. I also have learnt many crazy facts about inmates and horrible life situations which people were placed in. I have realised although we are in a Pandemic we still have a lot to be thankful for in our everyday lives.

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